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About Us

Founded in 2016 by Kat Vincent, Brooklyn Kat is changing the way women and men groom themselves one handmade, natural product at a time. We’re a business offering vegan skincare products that are decadent, luxurious, and completely pure. It’s our honor to show people that they don’t need the man-made chemicals and ingredients they can’t pronounce in order to be happy in their own skin. It’s a mission that brings us genuine joy!

Kat made her own journey from man-made products when trying to relieve her daughter’s eczema. Simple shea butter and olive oil did what expensive medications and overpriced products could not, bringing real change and relief. This changed everything for Kat and awoke a passion for natural skincare. She did the research and hard work to create genuinely great products, and her users noticed the difference. Today, with the support of her partner Anthony Vincent, she shares her love for natural grooming with the world.

At the end of the day, Brooklyn Kat is a brand rooted in care and love. It’s a unique, authentic business that never fails to go above and beyond for its customers. When you shop with us, you’ll notice the personalized attention that makes us such a favorite with people around the world. Order your product today, and it will come to you straight from New York City.