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I started this venture in 2015, not having a clue about where it would lead me. its started with me buying a little jar of yellow shea and mixing it up with oils with a spoon. I remember mixing till my arms burned. My husband would moisturize his body and beard with it and my daughter would use it for her eczema. We all noticed that it began to work. I researched natural oils, butters, herbs for a year. It is endless how many herbs , oils and butters there are, super intrigued, I began to experiment with different things, find my niche. In December of 2016 I decided to go live and share what I had discovered. January 2017 Brooklyn Kat was born.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here is what I discovered. The thousands of dollars I spent on products, was not working. I would get very excited about each purchase because I knew this was the one. Lets just say I never found the one, these products on these shelves are tainted with so many harmful things , it strips you of the experience you should actually have.

My vow to my client is this: I will not for any reason compromise the integrity of any product. I vow to give you the experience you deserve, benefiting from every oil, butter and herb and it will be done always with my whole heart. I'm looking forward to this journey and looking forward to taking it with you. Thank you so much to my clients who have been supporting Brooklyn Kat, I appreciate you. Thank you to my future clients , I look forward to the journey.

Have a great one.......till next time, Ciao