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When i started this venture, i started it to help my family and now i get to share and help your family. I have learned so much and will continue to grow and learn. Why use all natural, handmade, vegan products? The ones in the stores and on the shelves have so so so so many chemicals in them, most you can’t pronounce and you definitely can’t eat. Lets talk about the high influx of cancer( i wish i could put emoji eyes here). WHYYYYYYYY? WHERE? SINCE WHEN???? I have never seen so many people expiring younger than me and same age as me. The older ones are out living us……why? because the things we eat and the things we put on our body is being tainted by things that are inhumane. PAY ATTENTION! WATCH THE DYNAMICS!( i wish i could put emoji eyes here too) As humans we have to understand God mad the earth to sustain life. What our bodies need is right here on Earth.

Brooklyn Kat is committed to producing products conducive to life. Our skin is our largest organ. It would make sense to put the best products you could on it, to keep as pristine for as long as you can (emoji eyes) right? RIGHT! I’m so happy we are in agreement! We were being robbed of a experience we were suppose to have. NOT NO MORE!!!!!!!! WE LIT! ( like the kids would say lol) . Brooklyn Kat will give you the luxury relaxation experience you rightfully deserve….why? CAUSE YOU WORK HARD! No more harmful products……lets live our best life. Brooklyn Kat will assure it!

Thank you again for the support….. till we meet again, Ciao!